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Side Effects of embracing the "authentic" YOU!


My name is Wendy. You could say that I am not your average duck!

I mean, I communicate with Spirit, I hug trees, and I desire to change this world one soul at a time.

My Mediumship opened up to me shortly after my beautiful mother passed. I had been studying energy healing modalities for over 8 years, and this was a welcomed addition to my life.

I have also studied many accredited doctors in the areas of quantum physics, epigenetics, and an array of sciences that are now bridging the gap between science and spirituality with evidence of the like.

I have endured my fair share of trauma and pain in my lifetime.

In the past, I would have curled up in depression, and lived in fear and victim mode.

Throughout my studies and experiences, I have learned 3 very important things:

  1. We are Spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a Spiritual experience.

  2. Your thoughts create your reality ,,,,for real!!

  3. Exude gratitude and love for everything, everyone, and every situation in your experience, for it is all here to teach you something.

This is the baseline of my every day thought process. I no longer live in the victim mode, and I catch my thoughts before they are pinged into the Universe.

Side effects of this new lifestyle?

You will attract the very energy you are putting out with your thoughts and your actions. By embracing this ideology, you will draw people and things into your existence that are better suited for your experience, and the Universe will remove that which does not serve your growth and highest good on your journey.

Just be YOU! You are different for a reason, That is your gift to this world.

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