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Divine Whisperings

 What Else is Possible?

Hello Beautiful Souls

Whether this is your first visit to my site, or you’re a returning visitor, I’d like to thank you for visiting me, and investing in YOU!

 I am a Medium, Consciousness Life Coach, and experienced in many modalities of Energy Healing for both people and animals. 

I believe in the power of love, energy, and the magic of the Divine and the Universe, and I believe my gift in this lifetime is to help others awaken to greater possibilities in their lives,; to bring about healing through connecting with loved ones who have passed, and to create a safe space for healing and creating authentic change.

My life has presented much heartache and trauma, however, I exude gratitude for all of it, as I now have the experiences and wisdom to help others navigate through this journey we call life.

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Healing begins with YOU

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Consciousness Coaching Session

Are you living life, or just surviving? 

We come from a Divine Source: we are Spiritual beings having a Human experience.

Life is not happening to us,,,,

We are creating it!

The Universe has much abundance for everyone! Are you ready to challenge yourself to let go of the distractions in life, and truly embrace your authentic self?

This is life-changing.



Mediumship Reading

 Connecting with a loved one who has passed, can bring about incredible healing to those who seek it. Hearing from a loved one in Spirit helps to validate that they are safe and at peace.

A very unique experience.


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Life reading/Guidance

Needing Guidance in your life?

Let's Connect with your Spirit Guides to help you on your journey. A unique reading connecting you with the guidance you seek in your every day life regarding finances, relationships, career, and so much more!


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Animal Healing

 Animals contribute a unique energy that is healing and medicinal to our being.

They too, require healing of their own. 

Energy work has proven to help animals heal, overcome fears and phobias, and relax into their own beautiful energy.



Access Bars and Energy Treatments

Its difficult to function in this world sometimes when our minds are filled with so much chatter. This gentle, hands on treatment helps relieve stress, and clear your mind of all the thoughts that do not serve you.

Energy treatments also available for pain relief, PTSD, anxiety and releasing trauma in your body.



 Workshops and Public Speaking

 Whether you are just starting on your healing journey, or a seasoned seeker, 
Divine Whisperings has got you covered, providing a safe space to learn, heal, and grow.

Bridging the gap between Science and Spirituality, healing trauma, and bringing forth a new way of creating the life you truly desire, these workshops will elevate you to a new way of being.

Periodic retreats that are relaxing, informational, fun, and interactive where one learns techniques, meditations, the science behind change, and a new reality for you to experience.

CAUTION: Do NOT recommend if you are not wanting to experience change.


Stay tuned for upcoming workshops to improve every area of your life, and create new possibilities

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 "A safe place to feel and learn to heal; to feel love, peace, and acceptance."

 Erin K

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" All of the adversity in our life is to initiate us into greatness.
It's to call out something greater in us."

 Dr. Joe Dispenza

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